Improvment of SRH strategic framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina

PERIOD OF IMPLEMENTATION: 18.05.2017. – 31.12.2017.

PLACE: Banja Luka i Sarajevo


Association XY (IPPF affiliate) has partnered well with UNFPA in the past to ensure strategic acting in area of SRHR on entity level. In addition, Association XY was the original NGO that supported the government in the development of Strategy for the improvement of SRHR in FB&H, adopted in 2010 and The Policy for the improvement of SRH in RS, adopted in 2012.

Based on this excellent cooperation, regional agreement signed with IPPF, and the excellent standing of Association XY with the relevant Ministries both in FB&H and RS, UNFPA will continue to support Association XY to initiate process of development new SRHR Policy with the corresponding operational plan and SRHR indicators and creation of two years action plan for implementation of Revised SRHR Strategy in FB&H with adequate indicators, in cooperation with relevant entity ministries.

In 2016, Association XY and UNFPA have engaged two consultants to carry out SRHR analysis that is used for the work of the working group.



-Translated SRHR Strategy FB&H

-Translated SRHR Policy RS

-Developed content of SRHR Policy for 2018 – 2022 in RS

-Developed two year operational plan for implementation of the Policy

-Defined relevant SRHR indicators on entity level

-Revised SRHR Strategy adopted by cantonal ministries and uploaded to their web sites

-Developed two years action plan for implementation of the Revised SRHR Strategy

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